SPÄNK! Official Public Release: FEB 10th, 2015 on  Distortion Production  with contributions by : Tim Skold, Günter Schulz. Jim Marcus (GoFight), Mustah Jonas (Vanity Fair), More Machine Than Man, Trixie Reiss (Chrystal Method), Tyler Noble (Promonium Jesters)  and more!

Cover Art Concept by Paul Snowden   Cover  Photo by  Berry Behrendt



Distortion Productions is proud to present the release of SPÄNK, the brand new solo record from the  legendary En Esch. Over the years, En Esch had been a part of many major super groups in the  industrial genre including KMFDM, Pigface and his own band Slick Idiot. His larger than life persona has made his live performances a very memorable experience for fans worldwide. SPÄNK is the long awaited follow up to his previous solo record, Cheesy (1993). Esch enlisted the talents from different corners of electronic music for this album. Guest appearances by Tim Skold (KMFDM, Marilyn Manson, Skold), Guenter Schulz (Ex KMFDM, Slick Idiot), Jim Marcus (Die Warzau,Go Fight), More Machine Than Man, Trixy Reiss (Crystal Method) and many more give this album a varied and refreshing style. Any En Esch  fan will find this album as an added jewel to their collection. We assure you, he is just getting started!